VCP Planned Events.

Hello all readers.

As you have guessed by now this is the events page, so this is where you will learn about what vcp are up to and when and where they will be out and about.

Our next big day(s) out are planned for the 20th & the 21st of June where our author Robin John Morgan and one of our contracted freelance artists (the illustrator) Louis M Slater will appear at the Bolton Churchgate Midsummer Festival UK for Two days to sell and sign copies of his first book Heirs To The Kingdom pt1 : The Bowman Of Loxley.

Along side Robin and Illustrator will be Corinne (Robins Partner) with her lines of woodland and book based jewellery, so if your in the area come on by and say hi to the team, and everyone else who’s not in the Bolton area try to get there it is an all round fun family day(s) out with plenty to entertain.

You will be updated as to how the event went via posts under the VCP Planned Events category in the drop down menu to your left.

The Vcp Team hope you can make it.


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