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     Welcome to Violet Circle Publishing Home Page. There will not be much information wise on this page but, feel free to roam our blog and leave the odd comment to let us know what you think. I’ll give a brief discription of who we are but you will find a more detailed report about us on the VCP Info page.

     VCP, is a company of just two people, Robin and Corinne Morgan. They are partners in life and business, they have access at the moment to two commissioned freelance artist/illustrators and are currently looking at two more. They are a new company established on April 1st 2009, with the future objectives of promoting the Heirs to the Kingdom series of books and all its related merchandise. Once an established presence in the market has been achieved, their future sights are set on helping new writers who take the self publishing route, to have a serious chance to cost effectively get their work out in the public limelight.


One comment on “VCP Home

  1. Think you have done a wonderful job, it really looks great. What would I do with out you???

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