VCP Info.

Who are Violet Circle Productions?

VCP, is a company of just two people, Robin and Corinne Morgan. They are partners in life and business, they have access at the moment to two commissioned freelance artist/illustrators and are currently looking at two more. They are a new company established on April 1st 2009, with the future objectives of promoting the Heirs to the Kingdom series of books and all its related merchandise. Once an established presence in the market has been achieved, their future sights are set on helping new writers who take the self publishing route, to have a serious chance to cost effectively get their work out in the public limelight.

How did VCP begin?

It is a sad fact, that if you are a new writer in the UK and writing Fantasy, the odds are very high that you will not get published easily. The reality of Robin John Morgan was very much a choice of quit, or take the route of self publishing, and even then the self publishing route proved to be as difficult as a conventional publishing one.

Having faced many let downs and felt the daily frustration of having people requesting and supporting his work, yet not having the thousands of pounds offered by the vanity self publishers, Robin realised that it would be his task alone to promote his own work. The past two years have proven to have been a very sharp learning curve.

Violet Circle Productions came about after a self publishing deal was taken by a new company that was looking to help new writers. UKUnpublished became the life line Robin was looking for, yet due mainly to the new nature of the business, there was no real package for promotion once the book was published. His partner Corinne had been doing all the admin work with him, and so it just seemed the logical step to work together and promote HTTK.

When publishing a book there is no real guarantee of success, but with a lot of effort, some small success is achievable. Due to the fact that Robin has written an entire series of related books, he understood that he would have to revisit the same sources over and over as successive books were published, it seemed to make sense that the repeated attempts at promoting the book would create a wealth of knowledge that could be used over and over again, and be of some benefit to others.

The seeds for VCP at this point were sown and Robin with Corinne have endeavored to begin their journey as they learn from experience with Book One in the series. It stands to reason that they will make mistakes and use the knowledge they have gained to improve the situation with book two and three and so on.

What are the future intentions of VCP?

It is the long term plan of VCP to create enough experience to then offer their expertise and knowledge to other new writers who have faced the same daily frustrations and difficulties when self publishing their own work. The aim of the business is to create a strong and recognizable profile which could be used to supply cost effective help to new writers who are trying to promote their work.

How do we contact VCP?

Email us at

Or at

I would like to thank you all for taking the time out to read this, so please do feel free to leave any thought or questions here, or alternatively contact us on the above emails.

Kind Regards

The VCP Team.


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