The Wordsmith and his Wanderings

Violet Circle Publishing has released its fifth book for this year, taking a break from HTTK and working on something a little different, for a very special person who has been a very big supporter of VCP from its first inception, to it’s final launch in January 2014, and none other than VCP author Robin J Morgan’s father. From our side of the fence it has been a very refreshing experience, as we have had to change the way in which we have approached the formatting, as verse takes on a whole new way of being laid out on the page, but we have added to our bank of skills during the process, and we feel it stands us well for working with other authors, but for now, lets focus on Ted and this new addition to our catalogue.

Wordsmith's Wanderings by Ted Morgan.  ISBN9781910299043

Wordsmith’s Wanderings by Ted Morgan. ISBN9781910299043

Last year, whilst being a full time carer to his wife, as she fought against cancer, which was an extraordinarily difficult time in his life, Ted Morgan, was advised by his son to try and use writing to express the many trapped emotions he had locked inside, as he coped with the knowledge that he could ultimately lose his wife to the illness.

Sadly, that became Ted’s reality towards the end of the year. With the aid of his son, as he did his best to nurse his wife and cope with the difficulties of each day, Ted returned to his old passion for writing verse, and set up his own blog on WordPress to share what many around him saw as deeply touching, and also very humorous at times poems.

For a time the writing was his only release, as he was stuck in the house, unable to leave for very long as his wife needed constant care, and in those few quiet reflective moments, he tapped into something that was profound, beautiful and deeply touching. Reluctant to share his many offerings at first, he was slowly convinced that he had something of great value trapped within the lines he wrote, and eventually he began to share them.

In the last twelve months he has gained a reputation for what is a wide spectrum of work, based on his busy 76 years of life, which has seen National Service in the Air Force, followed by a life working as a General and Psychiatric Nurse mainly in Bolton, and also includes a long stretch of 19 years with Bolton Mountain rescue and a few Marathons. He has seen a great deal of the good and bad in all things, and drawn on it for inspiration.

The result is a collection of verse, which holds a great deal of nostalgia, modern wisdom, and can make you smile and laugh out loud, and also as has been the case, reduce people to tears. The last twelve months, since the loss of his wife, has seen his poems gain recognition by many, to a point where he was commissioned by the Bolton MS group to write something for them, and has been invited to run “Poetry Corner” for the Breightment Carers Group, where he has helped to teach the members to read and write their own poetry. He has been a regular feature to the Four Knots monthly Canal Cruising Newsletter, and is also a member of Westhoughton Poetry Group, where he has also become their Blogger sharing the work of all the members on their own blog.

On November 1st this year, we are delighted to say that Ted became a fully published Poet, with the publication of 53 of his many poems in his own book of verse, aptly entitled “Wordsmith’s Wanderings.” For VCP this is a little bit of a departure from our core genre’s of Sci fi and fantasy, but Ted is a special person in the life of VCP and so we made an exception and we have worked very hard to ensure that this small addition to our catalogue, was produced and published in time to commemorate the anniversary of the death of his loving wife, to whom the book has been dedicated.

The small book of verse reflects the joy and deep emotions of the bond they shared through life. With a cover that features a picture of a wild pasture filled with Poppies, it certainly is a very fitting tribute to the person she was, and also the act of remembrance.

The wide range of verse takes into account Ted’s early life as a child, his love of the wild, and some very amusing tales of fictional characters. There is a selection of poems that reflect his struggles throughout his wife’s illness, which are very profound and deeply caring, and have already served to help others going through a similar situation. This small book of verse makes for a delightful companion, which should be within arms reach throughout the many twists and turns in life.

Ted Morgan with his new book Wordsmith's Wanderings, published November 1st 2014 by Violet Circle Publishing, Manchester UK.

Ted Morgan with his new book Wordsmith’s Wanderings, published November 1st 2014 by Violet Circle Publishing, Manchester UK.

Wordsmith’s Wanderings.

Ted Morgan.

ISBN: 978-1-910299-04-3

Published by Violet Circle Publishing.

November 1st 2014

Available from all online sources, or to order via your local bookstore now.

Ted features on two blogs: His own personal blog and the Westhoughton Poetry blog, both of which can be accessed via links on his author page on our web site


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