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The Lost sword of carnac

Heirs to the kingdom part two : The Lost sword of carnac ISBN 978-1-84944-016-5

The last three months have been some of our busiest yet. Author Robin John Morgan, has been exceptionally busy preparing his second book in his series of “Heirs to the Kingdom” for publication, and with a new book on the horizon, we have taken a little time to look back and review everything we have done to help promote his first book.

In our discussions, we made the decision that to match the release of the new book, we needed a full upgrade to the web site to correspond with its release, and so began the long task as Robin worked on his final edit, of preparing a new look for the site. With release of the new book, there was going to be a selection of new characters, and a lot of new additions to some of the existing pages, and so began two months of solid work.

We are delighted to say that with the release of his second book “The lost sword of Carnac”, the book came out, and the all the new additions were ready for the web site. It was quite a marathon, as we prepared each page and burnt a lot of midnight hours getting all the new pages uploaded as the book went to print. The new look to the site, we feel is much simpler and smoother in its look and operation, it was a good opportunity for us to give it a lot of scrutiny, and try to solve a few of the IT problems we had encountered with the first set up. All in all we are really pleased with it, and so is the Author which is always a good thing.

With the second book now available and selling, and fully updated, we move back to the task of helping Robin achieve more sales. The good news is that the publisher UKUnpublished is also now working on the digital copies, so the first book can be downloaded, a new page has been added to the HTTK website, and the first of several links to all the sites where it is available is now in place. The digital download is less work for the publisher once the print has been done, which means it’s a lot cheaper, and we are pleased to see that HTTK is now getting a lot cheaper for everyone, which can only be good for the readers and the author.

Digital copies of book two should be available by christmas, where both books will be available in MobyPocket, EPUB for Sony reader and also we expect to see a digital version of both books available from Amazon’s Kindle.

The best news is that Robin is again very busy preparing his third book in the series, which will be available in print and as a digital download on the same release date. Book three is set to be released sometime next year (2010), but at this moment we can not confirm any set release date..

Dont forget both books are available to order from all bookshops, and can be purchased online. 

Heirs to the kingdom part one : The Bowman of Loxley by Robin John Morgan ISBN 978-1-84944-003-5

Heirs to the kingdom part two : The Lost Sword of Carnac by Robin John Morgan ISBN 978-1-84944-016-5