Two day event news update.

Hello all readers,

The first day of our two-day event at Churchgate Midsummer Festival is over, and we just wanted to give you a run down of how it all went for the VCP Team:

It was a very early start for the VCP Team members this morning, as they set off to Churchgate, Bolton,UK, to take part in our two-day event. Author, Robin John Morgan was there, along with the illustrator of Robin’s first book, HIERS TO THE KINGDOM PART ONE : THE BOWMAN OF LOXLEY. The weather was not on our side, as it was not only windy, but very wet as well, though our team remained very cheerful though out the day. The whole team entered the spirit of the event, and dressed up as medieval market traders, our Jewellery (Jaded Opal’s Woodland themed Jewellery) section was out and on display, and sold very well. The members of the public had a lot of very nice things to say about what we offered. The book itself was a fantastic hit today, with many coming along to get both author, and illustrator to sign their purchased copies. Robin and Louis both smiled and joked with those who asked questions and purchased the book, it was a lot of fun for everyone.

We had a lot of interest from the Bolton media, including Bolton live, a new internet TV station for the local community.All in all,  it was a very fun-filled day with the team in high spirits, there will be more fun to be had tomorrow, so until we get back thats all for now, we need food and hot baths. Check back again tomorrow for the last in the updates of this event.

Thanks for reading, and supporting HTTK.

The VCP Team



Hello all Readers,

The second and last day of our weekend event is over, and I would like to thank all readers and fans who showed up, and also showed there support for our author Robin John Morgan. We had another fantastic day today, which was not hindered by the fact that we had a group of rocking monks playing to our right. At the start of the day, I must admit that our team showed up looking positively more Medieval than a Medieval Wench who might have slipped through time itself to be there. The rain had held off which made an easier day although it was not exactly sunny either, but that didn’t dampen our teams spirits at all.

We had some of Robin,s Fans offer to pass out leaflets for us, as they got into the spirit of the occasion and I must send out a very big thank you to them, you guys know who you are. The book itself was again a fantastic hit along with our jewellery lines, all that’s really left to say now is another thank you to all our supporters and we hope to see you again next year, only by that time we will have future books from the series on display for you we hope. A big thanks to Wenches and trinkets and Bolton Council who organised the event, and also to our very hard-working team, if you were with us this we end, we hope you enjoyed yourselves, and if you want to see any pictures of the event, please log into, and go via the Loxley post page to the Events page, pictures will be posted shortly.

Thanks for reading, and supporting HTTK.

The VCP Team.






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