Amazon Charts

Hi to all readers,

     Today at VCP we were doing a run around checking the stats for our author Robin John Morgan and his first in the Heirs to The Kingdom series of books : The Bowman Of Loxley, the first place we checked was Amazon, and were happy to see the not only had he jumped up their bestsellers book list, and is placed at 56,000 out of the 2million long list. Robin has also reached the position of 29th in the top 100 of the Contemporary Fantasy section on their site.

     We have informed Robin of this and are delighted to inform our readers that he too is very very happy about this, so all that remains now is to say a very big thank you to all of his fans out there who are spreading the word about his first book, that is coming into the light after starting as an underground hit with its readers now its out and others are begining to follow the fight and destiny that Robbie and his group have had placed upon them, again thank you to all readers and fans, you will be hearing from us again soon, so until the next news blog HAPPY READING.

The VCP Team.


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