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VCPTM Author Robin John Morgan & info on his first Book.

The Author Robin John Morgan:Robin his spent most of his life working in horticulture, he ran his business from a market stall in Hyde Cheshire UK and eventually moved into a kiosk in Denton Tameside UK. In 2006 plans were published to demolish the market and Robin with fellow traders began a campaign to save there business’s and the local market, read on for more insight.

     Heirs To The Kingdom pt1 : The Bowman Of Loxley, was written as stated by Robin John Morgan and illustrated by artist Louis M Slater. The story officially started out with Robins fascination as a Young boy with the tales of Robin Hood, he was later told by his grandparents that there was a family connections to the first Earl of Huntington, who’s son according to folklore went on to become the first Robin Hood, this was found out in the family before Robin was Born and so concludes the story of Robins name sake.

     When Robins first daughter was born he took to telling her many bed time stories one of which was the story of Robin Hood, and to no end when the story ended in true child fashion she asked “what happens next?” Robin tried to explain to her that that was the end of the story, but she persisted and replied “Yeah but what happened to Robin Hood?” and so on the spot Robin tried to satisfy her enquiring mind and thus the story of The Bowman of Loxley began. What had started out as a bed time story soon turned into piles of notes, and back in  2006 Robin went through a struggle with the local council, as they tried to get rid of the local market, and as the traders left one by one Robin and Louis stuck it out till the end.

     Robin had always loved to write short stories and poems for fun, and for his friends and family to read, he had never thought that he would write a novel let alone get it published, finding that while fighting the local council he had a little more time on his hands then expected he started to go through all of his notes, extend them, polish them up and fit them into the story and so began the long journey of creating the book and artwork of The Bowman of Loxley.

     The book its self is a fiction based book under the genre of fantasy adventure and action, altough having read this book and being more of a period drama fiend myself, I have to admit not only will this book appeal to all fiction readers but it most definitely will appeal to all book loves in general, Robins father has tendencies to read books about politicians and such, and yet when asked what he thought of the book he stated that not only did he love it but it does not read like a first book more so his fourth or fifth book. So what I’ll do next is put on a brief synopsis about the book for you to make up your own minds:

     It is the year 2038, 26 years after the deadly virus the Red Death swept through the land, taking millions of lives and creating havoc. The age of Modern Man had come to an abrupt halt.

     Looting and riots came first, then the raging fires that began the destruction of all man had built, within a year the earthquakes began and then the land was given back to Nature. Dressed in green and covered in her carpet of life, the world that had been known slipped below, and was eaten by decay and returned to the land from which it had come. An old faith of the past, now called Earth returned. With it came the prophecies of a lost time, and the words. “Look to the Bowman for he will herald the start of new days,” were now spoken across the land.

     It is the first week of the New Year 2038, and Robbie is sat in the greenhouse of his parents farm deep within the walled stockade of Loxley. He is bored and restless and lost in his thoughts of the red haired girl, with the sapphire blue eyes, who lives a quarter of a mile away in the fourteen houses that form the small village street.

     There is talk of the Cutter’s, the brutal gangs that have terrorised the south, raiding small communities taking their food and precious metals. To Robbie it is a million miles away and all he wants is to find a way of being able to talk to Rune.

     He is not aware of the prophecy, or the secrets hidden deep within Rune’s line, soon his world will change forever as he discovers the name of the Cutter’s leader. His destiny lies beyond the walls of the stockade, as his unnatural talents with a bow take on greater significance. Robbie is destined to face and stop Mason Knox, who sees himself as the man to take the crown and rule the new world.

     With his most trusted friends, and his crazy Uncle Harry, Robbie leads the way to halt Mason and defend the green world he loves. From the moment he leaves things take strange turns as a mysterious woodsman meets him with a sacred gift. When Grandmother walks in through the wall, Robbie begins to understand that there is more to Rune than he first realised.

The Bowman of Loxley is the first instalment in the fantasy adventure, Heirs to the Kingdom. It is an exciting story filled with humour and some immensly warm moments, The characters will come alive and jump off the page as this thrilling tale will take you in unexpected directions. This is a book that will draw you in, and leave you thinking long after the book is put back down. Written in a simple easy to follow style, you will find yourself lost in a realm that if our world had taken a different turn, could have been yours..

Still can’t make up your mind then look up Robin and his book on FREADO.COM and have your chance to read the first chapter of the book online.

Kind Regards

The VCP Team


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