VCPTM Corinne.


Corinne is Robin’s partner in business, and in life and has the wonderful job of PA at VCP, and to the author  Robin John Morgan. Not only does she run most of Robins’ day to day activities, including maintaining and updating the website, blogs, and press release’s, she also helps manage all aspects of promotion and merchandising for the HTTK Project. In many instances you will find that it is Corinne who you will deal with, especially if Robin is writing. We have been informed that he does make her regular coffee’s.

When she has time to herself she enjoys hand making jewellery which is very woodland based and book inspired, most of her items are made with silver and gemstones and they are widely mentioned in the books, She prefers silver herself, although if a customer was to ask for another metal, she is willing to create custom made jewellery for them. You will always see her at events at Robin ‘s side with the VCP Team displaying a selection of the items she has made.

Corinne hopes that in the future she will be able to open up her own little shop that will sell not only jewellery and trinkets but HTTK Clothing and apperal also.


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