Home of VCP.






Welcome to The Violet Circle Publishing Home blog Page.


     VCP, is a company of just two people, Robin and Corinne Morgan. They are partners in life and business, they have access at the moment to two commissioned freelance artist/illustrators and are currently looking at two more. They are a new company established on April 1st 2009, with the future objectives of publishing and promoting the Heirs to the Kingdom series of books and all its related merchandise. Once an established presence in the market has been achieved, their future sights are set on helping new writers who take the self publishing route, to have a serious chance to cost effectively get their work out in the public limelight. The company was founded in 2009 as a promotional company, but in January 2014 it made the transformation into a full publishing company.

   Over the first five months of 2014 VCP did a complete overhaul of all the early HTTK books and issued new revised editions of the first three books, followed shortly by the first edition of the fourth book in the series, they have since begun to work with other authors to help them prepare their own writing for publication.



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